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Freitag, 24. Oktober 2014

I forgot something

At my post yesterday, i forgot to mention the Book: X-57-324. That was not a mistake. I wanna do something special with it, but I am currently not sure what.

This book is something special because: All of my friends are playing a role in there. (The have the correct Names but changed family names.)

What I will do with it, I will release in some month, after I found the currently Idea. Maybe I will never publish it, and print it on my own for my friends and me.

Donnerstag, 23. Oktober 2014

What is the plan?

So as I told you some month ago, I'm working on some different books, and therefore I had made a plan, how I wanna release them.

This is currently the Plan, but he is only in a (Beta-Stadium) there can be changes.

Books currently available:
                                              - Dunkelheit (See the "Dunkelheit" Page for further information)

coming soon. (I think about publishing it myself)
                                             - Betsy      (story finished - no editing currently)
                                             - TIM         (story finished - no editing currently)

searching a publisher:
                                             - Mauern   (40% done)
                                             - 2550       (30% done together with Manfred K.)

Before you ask why I am currently writing in english. The matter is, that I wanna write a book in english. So I am currently trying to get fit in the language.

Nieman D.